About Xoops


XOOPS is an acronym of eXtensible Object Oriented Portal System. This Portal System uses a modular architecture approach that allows users to customize, update and change the appearance of their websites.
Another former PHP-Nuke Portal fork, XOOPS is developing into a full Content Management System. It aims to serve as a web framework for use by small, medium and large sites, through the installation of modules.
A XOOPS system can be used as a personal web blog or journal in its simplest of uses, but it can also be expanded upon and customized with the appropriate modules to store content in news, forums, downloads, and many more sections.


  • Database-driven
  • Fully Modularized
  • Module administration system
  • Private messaging
  • Downloads section
  • Web Links Section
  • E-mail system
  • Multilingual
  • Multi-byte Language Support
  • Versatile Group Permissions System
  • User customizable
  • Theme-based skinnable interface
  • etc.

Xoops's Screenshots:

Xoops Screen Shot
Xoops Screen Shot
Xoops Screen Shot
Xoops Screen Shot


Order a Customized Xoops Installation

Fill Out the form below and we will set up a fully functional Xoops installation. so you can explore the CMS in advance, hosted free at 1001webs servers.

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