About TYPO3


TYPO3 is an advanced Open Source Content Management System written with PHP and MySQL.
Mainly designed for enterprise purposes on the web and for business Intranets and Extranets.
Its main strength lies in its capability to interact with numerous office packages, enhanced by many functions and modules, which makes it one of the most appropriate CMS's for small and large-scale business environments.
Although it is not a difficult package to use for management of simple websites, it might take some training in order to take full advantage of its most advanced features.


  • Multiple RTEs
  • WYSIWYG editors highly configurable
  • File management functions displayed in a directory-tree format
  • Rich Text Editor (RTE)
  • Spell checker built into the Rich Text Editor
  • Configurable UI Levels
  • Customizable backend interface for editors
  • Undo & History
  • Multiple Clipboard
  • Preview Content
  • Multiple Page Editing
  • Wizards for forms, tables and image manipulation
  • Shortcuts Macros
  • Interoperability with most office packages and databases
  • Task Center for management of projects
  • CSV's downloads
  • Internal Search Engine
  • etc ...

TYPO3's Screenshots:

TYPO3 Screen Shot
TYPO3 Screen Shot
TYPO3 Screen Shot
TYPO3 Screen Shot


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