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Joomla! is an Open Source Content Management System designed for publishing content on the World Wide Web and other Networks, using the MySQL database as a back-end.
Joomla! includes features such as page caching to improve performance, RSS feeds, printable versions of pages, news flashes, blogs, polls, website searching or language internationalization.
Although Joomla! is a spin-off of Mambo, with which it shares many modes of operation, modules, etc., it has become a distinct system on its own, with very advanced features and plugins specifically designed for management of anything from simple websites to complex corporate extranets.
Joomla! offers a powerful application framework that makes it easy for developers to create extensions that allows building web applications such as integrated e-commerce systems, inventory control systems, custom product catalogs, business directories, reservation systems, communication tools, application bridges or virtualyy any kind of customized application to suit a unique requirement.
Apart from Joomla's official community there are many unofficial communities that provide extensions for Joomla that are region specific. For example, Right-to-Left text support for languages such as Arabic or Hebrew can be found on 3rd party community portals.


  • Blogging software
  • Forums and chat software
  • Inventory control systems
  • Document management
  • Calendars
  • Dynamic form builders
  • Directory services
  • Email newsletters
  • Subscription services
  • Application bridges
  • Close to 3.000 extensions that extend Joomla's functionality
  • Image and multimedia galleries
  • E-commerce and Shopping Cart engines
  • Banner advertising systems
  • etc.

Joomla's Screenshots:

Joomla Screen Shot
Joomla Screen Shot
Joomla Screen Shot
Joomla Screen Shot


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