About Drupal


Drupal is an advanced modular Content Management Framework, Content Management System, Web Application Framework and Blogging Engine.
Drupal also features a collaborative book, search engines' friendly URLs, online help, roles, full content search, site watching, threaded comments, version control, news aggregator, etc.
Drupal is the system of choice by many high-traffic websites, such as Spread Firefox or the Defective by Design campaign. Drupal is particularly popular for building online communities, and has been awarded the tag line "Community plumbing".


  • Collaborative book to setup projects
  • Apache's mod_rewrite to enable customizable URLs
  • Modules for jabber authentication
  • Modules for private messages
  • Modules for taxonomy display
  • Modules for bookmarks
  • Robust online help system
  • Personalized content based on user-defined preferences
  • Individualized layout based on user-defined preferences
  • Role based permission system
  • Fully indexed and searchable content
  • Site monitoring
  • Threaded comments
  • News aggregator
  • etc.

Drupal's Screenshots:

Drupal Screen Shot
Drupal Screen Shot
Drupal Screen Shot
Drupal Screen Shot


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